Hair Growth
Support for Women

Get to the root cause of
thinning hair*
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WILLO is formulated with powerful
biotin complex
Lustriva®. When taken daily,
women saw significant
improvement in
hair thickness in just 3 weeks

WILLO’s ingredients support:

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In a clinical study using an ingredient found in WILLO Hair Growth

In a clinical study using an ingredient found in WILLO Hair Growth

Hair Growth
Support Capsules

Formulated with enhanced-bioavailable biotin
complex Lustriva® for thicker, fuller hair.*

Biotin Complex LUSTRIVA®

Clinically proven to support: Healthy Hair Growth*, Thicker & Fuller Hair*

Clinically-studied & patented Lustriva® is an enhanced-bioavailable complex of biotin (a vital B vitamin involved in the synthesis of hair, skin & nails), silicon (a mineral found in healthy hair, skin & nails) & arginine (an essential amino acid involved in healthy blood flow). Clinical results of Lustriva® studies include:

3 Weeks

Significant improvement
hair thickness☨


More soluble than
found in most
beauty products

Saw Palmetto Extract

Saw palmetto extract has been shown
to help manage our body’s levels of DHT
(a hormone known to cause hair follicles
to shrink), thus contributing to healthy
hair follicles.

Holy Basil

An adaptogen traditionally
used to support healthy
stress management.

Hair & Scalp Nutrients

A blend of vitamins & minerals that help
fill nutrient deficiencies that may cause
thinning, brittle hair.* This blend includes
vitamins B12, C, D3 & E, folate, iron,
selenium & zinc.

If you check any of these boxes,
WILLO can help:

  • Your hair is thinning*
  • Hair loss runs in your family*
  • You have damaged hair
    or split ends*
  • You’ve experienced hair
    falling out*

Here's how to get the most out of WILLO:


Adults take 2 capsules once daily with water.


Start seeing results in just 3 weeks. For best & sustained results, keep taking daily for 3 months and beyond.

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Asked Questions

What do WILLO Hair Growth capsules do?
    WILLO’s ingredients support:

  • Thicker & Fuller Hair*

  • Healthy Hair Growth*

  • Hair Follicle Health*

  • Stress Management*
Who can take WILLO Hair Growth capsules?
WILLO Hair Growth is safe for ages 18 and up.
Can I take WILLO Hair Growth capsules with other O Positiv products?
We formulate our products to be safely taken together, in order to help you achieve your health goals!
Can WILLO Hair Growth capsules be taken with prescription medication?
Please consult your physician before taking WILLO Hair Growth Capsules if you have a medical condition, or are taking any medications.

Do not use if the cap seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children.
Can men take WILLO Hair Growth Capsules?
WILLO was formulated with ingredients shown to improve hair growth in women, and it is safe for men to take.

Please note that while the clinical study on one of WILLO’s ingredients (Lustriva™) was performed solely on women, other ingredients in WILLO may be beneficial for male hair growth.
How do I take WILLO Hair Growth capsules?
Take 2 capsules once daily, or as recommended by your physician.
How long does it take for WILLO Hair Growth capsules to work?
We recommend taking our capsules for at least 12 weeks for full effect, though many may feel benefits as soon as 3 weeks. Results may vary.
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