Bloating + Gas
Relief Capsules

Helps break down foods to relieve bloating,
ease stomach discomfort & flatten tummy.

Happy Body

Best-selling trio to help you feel better
naked, now with even more savings.

Digestive Enzymes

Your age, genetics, eating & drinking
habits, and
medications can affect your
natural levels of
digestive enzymes.
That’s where GOGO comes in.

Digestive enzymes work in the gut
and help your
body break down lactose,
gluten, fats, proteins &
complex carbs
to promote nutrient absorption,
digestive discomfort, and help prevent
overproduction of gas.

GOGO Includes: Bromelain,
Galactosidase, Amylase,
Lipase & Lactase

Botanical Blend

Our powerful blend of soothing
help promote normal
digestive function.

These ingredients are traditionally
used to
address digestive issues; such
as dandelion leaf
to ease excess water
retention, artichoke leaf to
healthy liver function, and turmeric to
help maintain a normal inflammatory
These are important parts of
maintaining a
healthy digestive system.*

GOGO Includes: Ginger Root,
Milk Thistle
Seed, Artichoke Leaf,
Dandelion Leaf,
Peppermint Leaf,
Caraway Seed & Turmeric

GOGO is for you if you check
any of these boxes:

  • Eating can make you
    uncomfortably bloated
  • You burp & fart more
    than you'd like
  • Your weight fluctuates
    after a meal
  • Your face gets puffy
    after eating

Unlock GOGO’s meal-saving relief:

Take 2 capsules with water at the beginning of
your two biggest meals each day.

Take up to twice daily.