Adding flavor to
women's health

We're on a mission to make effective, fun &
delicious products to address health needs
that have been historically overlooked.

O Positiv'sValues

From your first period to far beyond your
last, we're with you every step of the way.

Empowering women
to feel their best

We prioritize women in
a way the
health industry
never has, through
every stage of life.


Our proactive,
products make habit-
wellness easy.

Powerful ingredients
with results

It's not magic, it's science.
We use
ingredients for
you can feel.

Little moments,
major outcomes

Our delicious gummy
vitamins bring
pleasure to
daily health moments, for
a positive long-term impact.

A note from
our founders:

From the moment we get our first period, we're taught to accept it — with all the pain that comes with it. And despite the fact that PMS is a widely known medical condition that the majority of women suffer from month by month, nobody talks about it.

I partnered with my brother, and we made it our mission to solve a problem that affects 3 out of 4 women in the world, yet is chronically under addressed by the healthcare industry. We founded O Positiv not only for me, but for all women who can agree: PMS f*cking sucks.

After seeing the success and impact of FLO, we began to look at life through a different lens—if we were successful at PMS relief, what other health concerns could be targeted? From menstrual health to menopause, gut health, vaginal health and everything in between; we look forward to continuing our work of helping women feel their best through every stage of life.

- Brianna & Bobby, Co-Founders

Making an Impact

O Positiv works with global nonprofit Period towards ending period poverty and stigma through service, education & advocacy.

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Body chemistry varies greatly — we understand not all products work for everyone. But with our 60-day risk-free guarantee you can try with confidence.

From your first period to far beyond your last, we're with you every step of the way.
Our 60-day guarantee gives you a chance to try for 2 months completely risk-free.