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The first-ever PMS
gummy vitamin? Yeah, that was us.

FLO was just the beginning. We saw what was missing from wellness, so we started creating custom, innovative formulas to address what women really need.

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Science beakers with flowers and fruits

The Science Behind The Gummies

Our team of experts fused time-tested botanicals with modern
science to create tasty gummy vitamins that actually work.

Three female doctors A female doctor

Gummy Vitamins

"O Positiv's well-researched gummy vitamins are formulated with ingredients that address real issues to empower women to live their healthiest lives."
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What a difference!


I was skeptical, but WOW. My skin hasn't looked this good since before puberty, and my monthly symptoms of bloating, cramping, and grumpiness are all significantly reduced.

FLO PMS Vitamin
Nikki E.

These REALLY work!


I have been using these for a couple of weeks and already notice I am able to use the bathroom more frequently and my bloating is less.

GOGO Fiber Gummy
Jenny M.



I love the taste of these gummies. These are the best elderberry gummies I've tried so far and I've tried them all.

GTFO Immunity Vitamin
Margaret E.
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