Vaginal & Urinary
Health Bundle

For better smell, pH, and urinary comfort.

2 bottles of URO Vaginal Probiotic capsules + 2 bottles of URO Urinary Tract capsules for better urogenital health & comfort.

URO Vaginal Probiotic promotes healthy vaginal pH, odor, yeast balance & flora, while URO Urinary Tract Protection helps stop bacterial buildup in the urethra to promote urinary tract health & comfort, and support normal urinary frequency.

Proprietary V-Positiv
Probiotic Blend™

4 powerful strains with 5 Billion CFU to boost healthy vaginal bacteria for normal odor & pH.

L. Acidophilus

Helps target vaginal inflammation &
digestive issues

L. Rhamnosus

Promotes balance in vagina &
gastrointestinal tract

L. Reuteri

Has antimicrobial, immune-boosting
& anti-inflammatory properties

L. Fermentum

Has immune-boosting & antimicrobial properties

Acts as food for the probiotics to keep them active longer.


Clinically-studied to: Help stop bacterial
buildup in the urethra*

  • Extensively studied &
    product for urinary tract health
  • Cranberries contain special
    (PACs) that
    help keep harmful bacteria from
    sticking to the urethra


Traditionally used to: Help stop bacterial buildup in the urethra*

  • Forms a film over urinary tract
    lining cells to
    protect from
    bacterial buildup
  • May help prolong the time
    between UTIs


Traditionally used to:
Promote urinary tract health & comfort*

  • Acidifies the urine to create an
    environment for
    harmful bacteria
  • 100% Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Non GMO
  • Cruelty free