Glowing Skin

Daily skin gummy with clinically-studied antioxidants and a juicy peach taste.

The efficacy of RETRO's powerful ingredients have been clinically researched and shown to support skin hydration, elasticity, and collagen production.


Used to support:Moisture Retention*, Overall Skin Health*, & Reducing Signs of Aging*

Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring antioxidant produced by microalgae and phytoplankton. It’s effective at neutralizing free radicals and undoing oxidative stress to help reduce signs of aging and support overall skin health. Clinically-studied facts on Astaxanthin include:


improvement in
skin hydration


greater antioxidant
power than Vitamin C


Traditionally used to support:Skin Elasticity*, Hydration*

Known as “Nature’s Botox”, hibiscus is known for helping promote skin elasticity and improve hydration.*

Bamboo Extract

Traditionally used to support:Skin Texture*

Rich in amino acids and antioxidants, Bamboo Extract helps support a healthy skin barrier and collagen production.*

Vitamin E

Used to support:Neutralizing Free Radicals*

An antioxidant that works with Vitamin C to neutralize free radicals to protect the skin from oxidative stress.*

Vitamin C

Used to support:Collagen Production*

A powerful, research-backed antioxidant that supports collagen production and supports overall skin health.*

Here's how to get glowing:


Enjoy 2 a day, every day - each bottle comes with a 25 day supply of gummies.


Keep your bottle in a cool, dry place that you visit every day.


Take RETRO for up to 2 months to feel full results - many see results sooner.

  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten free
  • Non GMO
  • Cruelty free