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Women Report Weight Gain Is The
Worst Part Of Menopause Research supports that diet and exercise are rarely at fault.
Here's why:

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First, your estrogen levels begin to decline. Estrogen plays a key role in regulating body weight by affecting the body's metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and fat distribution. As estrogen levels decrease, the body may begin to store more fat, especially in the abdominal area. Menopause also causes a decrease in muscle mass, which can slow down metabolism and make it harder to burn calories. Finally, menopause can cause increased stress, which may lead to emotional eating. Many women also experience sleep disruption, which can further affect metabolism and make it harder to manage their weight.
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There are a few clinically-studied, naturally powerful herbs and plant-based ingredients that have shown great results when it comes to targeting hormonal weight gain. Black Cohosh can help regulate estrogen levels in the body, positively impacting weight regulation. It may also help reduce inflammation in the body, which can reduce puffiness and bloating caused by menopause. Studies have shown Chasteberry helps decrease levels of the hormone prolactin, which then helps rebalance other hormones like estrogen and progesterone, ultimately helping to reduce hormonal weight gain. Ashwagandha’s ability to promote calm, relaxation & sleep support helps you get the sleep you need for your metabolism to work more efficiently, and allow you to say goodbye to your stress cravings.

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Meet MENO Multi-Symptom Menopause Relief. A hormone-free, plant-based supplement that targets hormonal weight gain, hot flashes, mood swings, occasional sleeplessness & more. MENO is formulated with clinically-studied ingredients like Black Cohosh, Chasteberry, Ashwagandha & Vitamins D3 & B6—for targeted relief.
BLACK COHOSH Traditionally used to relieve:
Hot flashes*, Night Sweats*

For thousands of years, Black Cohosh has been used for targeted relief. The flowering herb has a serotonin-like effect, which can impact the body’s temperature-regulating ability, ultimately providing relief from hot flashes & night sweats.*

ASHWAGANDHA KSM-66® Traditionally used to relieve:
Sexual function*, Occasional Sleeplessness*

Ashwagandha supports a healthy response to stress, brain function, sleep, and more. The herbal root may help with occasional sleeplessness, stress and anxiousness, and promote calm and relaxation. As with all adaptogens, taking Ashwagandha consistently over longer periods of time can yield more powerful results.*

CHASTEBERRY Traditionally used to relieve:
Hormonal Balance*, Hormonal weight gain*, Mood*

Studies have shown Chasteberry helps decrease levels of the hormone prolactin, which then helps rebalance other hormones like estrogen and progesterone. This balancing act has been shown to reduce menopause symptoms like mood swings, hormonal weight gain, and headaches. It can also help relieve menopausal anxiousness.*

VITAMINS D3 & B6 Traditionally used to relieve:
Bone Health*, Mood*

Vitamin D3 improves your body’s ability to absorb calcium, which is increasingly important as you get older because it helps strengthen your bones. Vitamin B6 offers immunity support.*

Aside From Hormonal Weight Gain,
MENO Also Helps with Several
Other Menopause Symptoms:

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  • Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

    Studies show Black Cohosh may reduce hot flashes by as much as 85%

  • Mood Swings & Anxiousness

    Studies have shown Chasteberry helps rebalance hormones to reduce mood
    swings & help relieve menopausal anxiousness.

  • Occasional Sleeplessness

    Adults taking Ashwagandha daily reported 72% better sleep quality



  • 100% VEGAN


Relief Capsules

Relief Gummies

A daily, hormone-free menopause supplement
for multi-symptom relief.

A daily, hormone-free menopause supplement
for multi-symptom relief.

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Here's How To Stay Cool

  • Enjoy 2 gummies a day or 2 capsules a day for the best menopause
    symptom relief. Each bottle contains a one-month supply.

  • It may take 2-3 months of consistent use to feel the full effects, but many
    feel them sooner!

  • Staying hydrated and getting consistent, light exercise can help
    maximize your relief!


Asked Questions

What does MENO do?
MENO is a modern, hormone-free menopause supplement for multi-symptom relief.
Do I take FLO or MENO?
MENO is designed to support people experiencing menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats, while FLO is designed for menstruating people who experience PMS symptoms such as period breakouts, cramps, and hormonal weight gain.
Can I take MENO with other O Positiv products?
We formulate our products to be taken together, in order to help you achieve your health goals.
Who can take MENO?
MENO is recommended for women experiencing menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, occasional sleeplessness, occasional anxiousness, and mood swings.
How do I take MENO?
Take 2 MENO capsules or gummies per day, every day—or as directed by a healthcare professional.
What is the flavor of MENO?
MENO capsules have no flavor, while the MENO gummy tastes like berry breeze.
Can MENO be taken with prescription medication?
Do not use MENO if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician before taking if you have a medical condition, are taking any medications and/or any type of hormone therapy (including birth control pills). Do not use if cap seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children.
How long does it take for MENO to work?
Studies have shown that black cohosh and chasteberry help relieve hot flashes, night sweats, and occasional anxiousness in 8 weeks. Results may vary.
Is my credit card information secure?
Yes, all credit cards are secured by Shopify, Paypal, or Amazon.
Where do you ship?
Currently only shipping within the USA, but we’re going global soon. Hang tight!
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is free for subscriptions! For all other orders, shipping charges vary per location. You’ll see your individual shipping costs calculated at checkout.
How do I track my package?
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Email us at We'll figure it out for ya!
What’s the happiness guarantee?
We want to empower you to try our products risk-free for two months to see what’s right for you!
Are O Positiv vitamins FDA approved?
By law, the FDA does not approve dietary supplements. But, the FDA does regulate both dietary supplements and dietary ingredients. At O Positiv, we follow what the FDA established for dietary supplements in 2007 called "current Good Manufacturing Practice" (cGMP) regulations requiring that manufacturers evaluate their products through testing identity, purity, strength, and composition. We not only tested for stability with our manufacturers, but also did 3rd-party testing for potency of active ingredients, adulterants like heavy metals and microbes, allergens, rancidity and other unwanted contaminants.
Are there any artificial flavors, colors, or dyes in O Positiv vitamins?
Nope! These vitamins are au natural - made from vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients.
Where are O Positiv vitamins manufactured?
O POSITIV vitamins are formulated, manufactured, and packed with care right here in the USA.