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The Most Versatile Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Ever

For every taste and preference.

The Most Versatile Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Ever

No Valentine? No problem. Madly in love with a wonderful human? Keep reading! Going hard for Galentine’s Day with your girls? This is for you, too. We’ve rounded up some singular products and experiences that can be enjoyed solo, with a partner, with friends, or some mix of all three. Whether this is your first Valentine’s with a new love or if you’re looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for a long distance partner or friend, read on to make the most of this February 14th, no matter who you plan to celebrate with.

Best Product-Based Gifts

Looking for a thoughtful item to gift your favorite people? We’ve got you.


Connection-Boosting Card Games 

When person-to-person card game We’re Not Really Strangers burst on the scene in 2018 with its viral tearjerker social media ads, there was nothing quite like it. The question and answer game became wildly popular as a way for friends, lovers, siblings or even acquaintances to get to know each other better. Little did any of us know how connection-starved we’d all feel, thanks to COVID lockdowns. These card games have only grown in popularity, now with many more options available. If We’re Not Really Strangers is not for you, check out this one from Intelligent Change, or, for a more spicy option from Coconu.

Luxury Essential Oil Set

Looking for a splurge? Buy yourself or someone you love a high-quality essential oil kit. This one from Anima Mundi, a collection called Beauty + Heart Opening, features six best-selling oils that can help cultivate self love and radiance. The kit features full size (15 ml) Rose Otto, Lavender, Ylang-ylang and other quality, organic essential oils.. The price tag may give some people sticker shock—you can go to TJ Maxx and get Lavender essential oil for $15—but these oils are unlike any other essential oil you’ve tried. For example, it takes 40,000 blossoms to make 1 ounce of Anima Mundi’s Rose Otto oil, which means it takes 67 roses to make 1 drop of oil. Enjoy these incredibly fragrant oils by yourself as a home fragrance or perfume, or share the collection with a bestie. 

*Multi-Use* Pleasure Vibes

It’s always a good time to treat yourself or someone you love to a vibrator. Vibrators come in all shapes, sizes and prices—you can get them everywhere from Target to Saks Fifth Avenue. If you or a loved one are vibe-curious, check out the new Vybra vibrational therapy tool collection from Vie Healing. The super-stylish kits contain a powerful therapeutic vibrator that can be used for “targeted trigger point therapy, soothing overall surface stimulation and playful pulsations,” as well as special body magnets that you place on specific acupressure points to boost circulation, aid digestion, support detoxification and more. 

Best Giftable Experiences

Looking to share an experience with a loved one—or for a solo adventure? Here are some unique options.

For the health-conscious

Forget an overpriced prix fixe dinner—take your favorite person to a luxe korean spa or wellness center for a special day of wellness. All major cities have different options for Korean spas, Russian Banyas or more modern health centers. New Yorkers and Angelenos should look into Remedy Place, and Restore Hyper Wellness occupies dozens of locations across the country. Korean spas are massive facilities (L.A.’s The Aroma Center is a whopping 336,000 square feet!) dotted across the country, and usually offering day passes for anywhere from $60 to over $300 per person—some including treatments like a massage. 

For the nature lover

Time in nature is time well-spent! If you want to go beyond the basic hike, look for foraging tours in your area. An expert can take you, or you and your favorite person into the forest to find safe-to-eat mushrooms and local flora.

For the art aficionado

If you or your loved one is more of an indoor cat, book a private tour at your favorite museum. Book an expert who knows all the pieces in your local museum (as well as the history of the museum itself) take you on a private or semi-private tour, diving deep into art, artists, and the rich historical context of each. 

For someone who is spiritually-curious

Book an aura photography portrait session! Whether you believe in the analysis of what the different aura colors mean, at the very least you’ll have a beautiful souvenir of the experience. Aura photography is widely available and often is offered at fun events with other activities. Make it a planned evening out that you’ll fondly remember. 

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