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Relationship Green Flags to Look Out For

We love to keep track of the red flags, but what about the green ones?

Relationship Green Flags to Look Out For

Oh, the dating game. If you’ve been playing for a while, you’ve likely come across a few red flags. You may have even gotten good at spotting those red flags from a mile away, which is all good and well. After all, it’s essential to know what you don’t want in a romantic partner.

But have you considered what you do want? 

There are some important skills and qualities that help build the foundation of a successful relationship. We’ve done the work of compiling the top green flags that lead to a happy and healthy relationship. Keep reading to get all seven.


They show an interest in what you’re interested in

This green flag lets you know that your partner listens and takes note of what matters to you. Whether you enjoy spending time outside or going to the movies, your partner makes an effort to join you during said activities to show you that they care. It also indicates that they see you and hear you…and don’t we all want that?


They do what they say they’re going to do

Think: commitment and trustworthiness. This green flag shows you that you can rely on your partner for the big stuff and little stuff. In the era of ghosting, it is a relief to find someone that follows through with what they say they’re going to do. Commitment is a quality that can lead to relationship longevity. Both commitment and trust are fundamental.


They can take feedback without being defensive

Being able to receive constructive feedback without the need to defend oneself is a major green flag in any relationship–romantic or otherwise. This quality shows you that you can be open and honest with your partner about your needs and desires without the fear of them being defensive or combative. Open communication about how you each show up in your relationship will serve you well in the long run. 


They know how to self soothe

Everyday life can present a myriad of stressors or pesky frustrations. And unprocessed stress can lead to a whole host of physical and mental health issues. That’s why it’s a total green flag when someone has the coping skills to deal with life’s stressful moments. From exercise to meditation to talk therapy, these self soothing skills will serve you and your partner well as you ride the emotional waves of your relationship. 


They know how to have a little fun

What good is a partner if they’re a total stick in the mud? Just kidding. But in all seriousness, it’s a green flag when someone knows how to have fun. Experiencing fun can even benefit your health. When we engage in pleasurable activities, dopamine (a happy hormone) is released and helps to ward off feelings of stress or anxiety.  Plus, having fun with your partner can build a stronger, more connected bond. 


They are empathetic 

Empathetic people can demonstrate their ability to understand the feelings and emotions of others. Hello relationship green flag! If your partner can see experiences and situations from your perspective, they can better understand your behaviors and emotions. An empathetic partner shows that they truly care about what you’re going through. 


They love you (and you love them)

At the end of the day, we all want to be loved. Fully and wholeheartedly. It’s the ultimate green flag when you find a person that loves you for you, and most importantly, you love them in return. They show up for you, have your back, listen to you, and love you without conditions. 

*Bonus green flag*

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