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How to Gain More Confidence in the Gym

How to kick anxiety to the curb when stepping up to the gym.

How to Gain More Confidence in the Gym

Gym confidence can be elusive, even though that’s typically where we go to move our bodies for wellness. But while it can (and should!) be a safe space for stress relief and confidence building, it can be intimidating for even the baddest of babes. For many women, gym anxiety can be triggered by:

  • feeling new and unsure
  • having spent time away from the gym 
  • physical changes to our bodies or injury
  • feeling less comfortable or safe in public spaces
  • relationship to mental health

Studies show that women benefit from regular exercise more than men, and routine fitness can even extend your life. So we’re here to help you get past the fear and get to the gym! Wherever you are in your journey, we’ll help you walk in with your head high and your mind and body ready for action. 

Ask Yourself, “Why?”

If you feel insecure or afraid of going to the gym, ask yourself “why?”

Don’t stop there; consider some of the following questions, as well:

  • Do I feel embarrassed or unconfident about my physical appearance? 
  • What makes me feel good about myself? 
  • Is my fear related to the gym’s environment and design? 
  • What do I like about the gym experience? What do I dislike?

It's also important to ask yourself why you want to go to the gym, whether it be to build strength, adjust your physique, create more structure in your life, challenge yourself in a new way, or to meet new friends. 

Remember: there are no right or wrong answers to any of these questions, but they’ll help you figure out what an ideal gym experience looks like for you

Which Gym is Right for You?

Many gyms feel masculine by design and are filled with grunting men taking all the space. Maybe that’s your scene, but we don’t blame you if it’s not. Regardless, you have the same right to space (and grunting, if you want) as anyone else.

Start with your gym: think about what amenities and environment make you excited. If you don’t like your gym, don’t be afraid to try somewhere new. There is no point to having a membership you won't use or trying to force a habit somewhere you won’t visit!  

If you don’t have a gym, ask your friends and coworkers where they like to go - people who share your common interests are more likely to go to a gym that you’d enjoy! Many gyms will offer a trial pass so you can see which best fits your vibe. 

What Works for You?

Do you feel most energized when you can be alone in your own world with the volume high on your noise-canceling headphones? Do you want a professional trainer to customize a workout strategy to optimize your time and keep you motivated week over week? Do you love quality time with your bestie who will keep you company as the minutes left on your timer seem to just disappear? Knowing what pumps you up (and what depletes you) is the key to pushing past the fear and opening those gym doors. 

Make a Plan

Anything can be awkward when you’re unprepared, but that doesn’t need to be you!

Figure out Scheduling

You’re busy, and it's easy to deprioritize what makes us nervous. If you block time specifically for the gym and plan your week with that in mind, you’ll be less likely to feel the stress of trying to squeeze a visit in at the last minute. 

Scope out the Scene

Understanding the layout of your gym and all the services it offers will help allay any lingering, pre-visit nerves. You can start by looking at your gym’s website which should detail amenities, parking, services and classes. If you are new to the gym, ask for a guided tour and if your location offers a complimentary training session to get you comfortable. 

Set Goals

Set an achievable workout goal such as a time limit or specific activities you want to accomplish - it doesn’t have to be lofty! 

Dress for the Part

Dress good, feel great. Whatever you and your workout look like, you’re bound to leave with more endorphins and confidence if you dress for your own physical and emotional comfort.

Planning a brisk walk around the track? Ankle supporting shoes are a must. Looking to try that group pilates or yoga class? Make sure you have a secure waistband that won’t annoyingly roll down at an inopportune moment. Worried about (totally normal) body odors while up and close with your gym buddy or personal trainer? Arm yourself with URO Intimate Deodorant and add URO Vaginal Probiotic into your daily wellness routine. 

Stay Motivated

Whether you like to painstakingly craft the perfect playlist or let “the algorithm” do the work for you, a variety of music can enhance your workouts while keeping you motivated and moving. 

Take Care & Don’t Overdo It

The gym isn’t going anywhere, but you are! Push your limits but don’t push past them. 

Stretch Lots

You took the time to get there, so don’t forget to give yourself time to stretch. After that hard work this will help you relax stiff, sore muscles. 

Reward Yourself

Whether your reward is a fancy coffee, a sweet little treat, ordering yourself delivery for dinner, or an extra-long visit to the steam room, you’ve earned it. 

You’ve got this!

Remember, the only person whose opinion of you matters at the gym is yours; don’t let outside pressure affect your definition of success and don’t let anxiety prevent you from achieving it. Celebrate yourself for wanting to kick anxiety to the sidelines as you take these steps to setting achievable goals, be empowered to take the space you deserve, and move forward with confidence next time you visit the gym (and the next time, and the next)!

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