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A Bride’s Top Tips to Slay Your Way Down the Aisle

Feel your best and stress way less leading up to your big day.

A Bride’s Top Tips to Slay Your Way Down the Aisle

When the guests have RSVPd and arrangements are locked in, it’s time to prepare yourself for the big day. As a bride, your bridesmaids are your best friends, literally and figuratively—they’re there to help with the details and ensure you’re enjoying the moment. Looking and feeling great on your big day is the biggest gift you can give yourself—from our resident newlywed, here are top tips to slay your way down the aisle. 


8-10 Weeks Pre-Wedding

It might seem like a long lead up, but studies show good habits take about two months to implement. If you want gorgeous skin, a killer immune system, and a mane of hair that shimmers long after you say I do, start early.

Facial from the inside out

To lock in plump, hydrated, and nourished skin, it takes more than a one-hour facial. While facials are a great way to relax beforehand, let’s get to the root of great skin — a boosted metabolism and daily nourishment. That all starts with hydration and fueling your body with essential vitamins and nutrients that you might not be getting from your diet. Before you upgrade to a Stanley, calculate how much water you should be drinking each day based on your sex, age, height, and weight. 

Getting the right amount of water can help your metabolism stay regulated, which fuels natural repair systems in your body. I started with MOTO Metabolism Support to help boost your metabolism, support balanced blood sugar levels, and kickstart your new routine. This is also the perfect time to incorporate a skin-first vitamin to help with cellular turnover, elasticity, and collagen support—basically, keep your skin cells looking snatched. I made a habit of taking my vitamins first thing in the morning, so I wouldn’t have to think about them again all day, but any time of day works as long as you stay consistent.

Don’t let PMS happen on the Big Day

Going full Bridezilla might be a thing, but not in the way you think. It might just be that you suffer from gnarly PMS, and your hormones are going haywire. If you’re someone who dreads your period because of menstrual symptoms, don’t subject yourself to the stress of myth busting ways to keep your period at bay. Take a more direct route by supplementing with FLO PMS Relief at least 2 months ahead of your wedding to support balanced hormones and fewer PMS symptoms. Alternatively, if your periods are unpredictable or particularly heavy, it might be an indication your ovaries need some extra support. For that, start a daily dose of FLO Ovarian Support 2-3 months before you say, “I do.” 

4-6 Weeks Pre-Wedding

Bring your hair back to life

As we age, chemically treat, and abuse our strands with high heat, our hair gets thinner, finer, and more prone to breakage. High stress levels can also slow our hair growth and change the way our body metabolizes nutrients. There are things you can do before the big day to help achieve the fuller, thicker, healthier hair of your dreams.

A few things I implemented: Swapped out heat styling and super tight hairstyles for heatless curls and natural waves. Once I stopped fighting my natural pattern, everything else seemed to get better. I also started snacking on hair-loving foods like avocados, nuts, and omega 3’s (yes, there are vegan options), and I added this hair growth supplement to my vitamin stack. 


2-4 Weeks Pre-Wedding

Prepare your gut for all the champagne

As someone whose hangovers can last days on end, I overprepped my system with greens, probiotics, multivitamins, and electrolytes weeks before our day. My bridesmaids are all on water duty, meaning they’ve been instructed to make sure I’m drinking water between other beverages. As an added precaution, carbs and lean proteins will be my best friend, helping keep my digestion at a slow and steady page so I don’t end up under a table before it’s time for the first dance.


Snag-, chip-, and break-proof your nails

For me, nails are essential to a complete wedding fit—especially for the close-up, cake-in-faces shots. To strengthen my digits, I ditched the drugstore nail polish and remover, and let my babies breathe. According to my dermatologist, leaving my nails free from chemicals is the best way to support their health. I opted for a gel set the day before my wedding, but starting with a healthy, strong base was key.


1 Week Pre-Wedding Prep

Keep calm and write on

I opted to do a lot of mindwork and nerve-calming starting a few days out, in order to feel clear and ready for fun. For me, there wasn’t any uncertainty about my partnership—it was walking down an aisle in front of tons of people that felt very overwhelming. I started reciting positive affirmations while I sipped on peppermint tea before bed, and again when I woke up. Peppermint tea not only helps calm your body, it’s also a great way to keep bloating at bay. If you’re not a tea drinker, GOGO Bloating + Gas contains peppermint & other soothing botanicals, as well as digestive enzymes to keep your gut comfortable and efficiently working. 

I find leaning into your love can help you move through everything else with ease. Make it fun and get creative while you work on your vows or writing a love letter that gets extra cheese. I also wrote my vows in a few different ways throughout the week, to feel more connected to my person and more confident in my eventual delivery. 

And just like that, it’s time to say, “I do!”

If you’re reading this and taking note, congratulations! Take these pre-wedding prep tips to get started on planning your special moments with less stress, a healthy body, and new core memories. Looking for more tips? Check us out on Instagram—and don’t forget to tag us in your pre-and post-wedding photos!

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