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5 Tips to Help You Manage Holiday Stress

We're officially reclaiming our enjoyment of the holiday season.

5 Tips to Help You Manage Holiday Stress

As soon as Halloween hits, the holidays crash in like dominoes. But while you’re getting cozy in your holiday jammies with  your first cup of peppermint hot cocoa in hand, the to-do lists rush into your head. Once again, you’re well on your way to missing New Year’s without enjoying any of it. So rewind. Instead of letting the stress take you out of the moment, here are five of our tried-and-true tips to manage the holiday stress.

Practice Self Care.

We mean it. Do regular check-ins with yourself and be honest. If you’re someone who hates to do holiday shopping in store, then why do it? Know your limits and stay with your rituals. All the little things you need to do to keep things in balance internally are so important. Stress can be triggered by anything from forgetting an appointment to sitting in traffic—take care of your body. 

We recommend taking your adaptogen-enhanced multi-vitamins to get ahead of stressful moments and actively soothe your body. Look for ingredients like Ashwaghanda and Rhodiola to help calm nerves naturally and help you stay sharp while you take on the holidays. In a study done by the National Library of Medicine, herbal remedies like Ashwaghanda can help slow and reduce cortisol. If all the hustle and bustle feels like a lot, arm yourself with soothing elements. Plus, when you feel good, your brain can think more clearly.  


Make a Plan & Stick to It.

Mapping things out like when you’re going to visit family members and who will get which gift, can help you move through small tasks easily. Planning ahead can save you hours of scrolling through online storefronts and maybe even a little money. Knowing what you need to do without getting sidetracked helps you stay on target to reach your goals and get things done. Remember to start with the most difficult or most important things first, so everything feels a lot less complicated. 

Try using a digital calendar or find an app that suits your needs like GoodNotes for iPad that can easily connect to your phone and computer (so you literally can’t lose it). When anyone asks if you can make an event, take a moment to check if you’re available. If you don’t want to do it, say no. The best part about planning is that you can be selective about what brings you joy. 


Don’t Overbook. Take Breaks.

This is definitely the hardest part. Once you’ve made plans, and still have a little wiggle room to enjoy a break in between each function, respect your time and space and don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s easy to get excited and say yes to every dinner invite and Friendsgiving, but you just can’t be everywhere at once. 

Spending time with friends and family is amazing and you should soak up every glittering moment—don’t forget to take photos! There’s nothing that can suck life out of a party than someone who is constantly checking their phone to make sure they leave right on time. Say yes to things that make you happy and bring you joy, but overbooking can make it difficult to stay in the moment. Free time is the buffer in between that gives you the chance to recharge. 


Keep Up With Workouts.

That doesn’t mean you have to go above and beyond every day, but to help reduce stress levels and train your body to endure everything the holidays have in store, exercise is a huge help. Exercise can help keep your hormones balanced, improve your moods, and keep cortisol (that stress hormone) at bay. Make it fun and it can start to feel like a happy ritual that you do each day to bring peace and balance to the holidays. 


Find Your Support System.

No one ever does anything great by themselves. The truth is that we all need a village of people around us to lean on and navigate the tough stuff, but also help celebrate the wins. Remember the phone tree in Practical Magic? Be Sally Owens and get your tribe together to banish the stress away. Need a helping hand to plan your next White Elephant or pick up some dry cleaning so you don’t have a meltdown? Ask a friend. It’s not just about tasks, but keep communication open with friends and be their support system. The world is always better with that friend who can make you laugh when you feel like you might cry. 

It’s not healthy to pretend we can do it all. Talking openly to friends and family makes the world a more understanding and welcoming place. If we know we’re not alone and people care, we’re all empowered to carry and share the joy in our lives. So create your support system and take on the best parts of the year together. 

Ready to get your party pants on? With these five tips to help you manage holiday stress, you can keep calm and chive on. Check back for more stress management how-tos on our blog and follow us on social @OPositiv. Happy holidays!
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