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Spotlight On: FLO Vitamins

Spotlight On: FLO Vitamins

A Spotlight On FLO Vitamins

Let’s be honest, there's nothing pleasant about periods. When we found out that up to 90% of women experience premenstrual symptoms, we made it our business to fix that. Made with potent ingredients, FLO vitamins can offer relief from a wide range of hormonal symptoms and make your next PMS a little more bearable. 

What Are FLO Vitamins? 

Known as the #1 PMS support supplement, FLO vitamins are formulated to be taken daily throughout your entire menstrual cycle. Choose from strawberry-flavored gummy FLO Vitamins or sugar-free vitamin capsules. On top of that, you can combining it with FLO Calming Botanical Tea or Probiotic Chews to get even more out of your wellness routine. 


What are the active ingredients in FLO Vitamins?

FLO PMS vitamins feature an effective mixture of active ingredients. Get to know more about each of the four main ingredients: 

Vitamin B6 

Vitamin B6, or pyridoxine, is a form of Vitamin B that is found in a lot of foods you normally eat like grass-fed beef, avocados, and bananas. In addition to contributing to a healthy metabolism and microbiome, one of the benefits of B6 is its ability to improve PMS symptoms. A systematic review of nine published trials of the effectiveness of vitamin B6 for treating PMS symptoms found that most subjects reported an overall improvement in symptoms over the placebo. 


The chasteberry plant, also known as the women's herb, can reduce premenstrual acne, breast tenderness, and regulate mood swings—basically an all-in-one superhero. Be aware that chasteberry can affect hormonal levels and could interfere with certain antipsychotic drugs, birth control pills or hormone therapy.

Dong Quai 

Don Quai's official name is Angelica sinensis, but it can also be called "female ginseng." If you're not sure what to call it, just pick one and go with that! DQ contains ferulic acid, a natural antispasmodic useful for alleviating cramps. This herb also has a long history of use in Chinese and other Asian traditional medicine for fast relief of bloating. 

Lemon Balm 

Lemon balm gets its name for its scent, not for being derived from lemons. It actually comes from plants like mint and basil and is a long-term healing powerhouse. When we discovered the therapeutic benefits of using lemon balm for female menstrual discomfort, we had to include it in our mix. Plus, it adds a natural delicious flavor! 

Make FLO Vitamins a Part of Your Lifestyle 

Taking daily PMS vitamins throughout your monthly hormonal cycle can help to balance your system and prevent symptoms. While PMS symptoms may be most pronounced during the five days leading up to the start of your period until four days after menstruation, its super important to stay consistent with your vitamins throughout the entire month so your body has time to adapt before your cycle.

The recommended dosage of FLO Vitamins is two gummy vitamins or one capsule per day. You can take both gummies at the same time or take one gummy vitamin in the morning and one more at night. While there’s no perfect time to take a supplement, we encourage you to aim to take it at the same time every day, wherever that fits into your daily routine. 


Gummies or Capsules - What’s best for me? 

FLO gummies and capsules are both packed with potent ingredients and the only difference is your personal preference or what you're in the mood for on that day. Two strawberry-flavored gummies have the same dosage as one vitamin capsule, and every bottle contains a one-month supply of daily vitamins. Regardless of which formula you choose, you should store vitamins in a cool, dry place to preserve the effectiveness of the ingredients.

We are often asked if FLO vitamins can be combined with each other, and the answer is yes. Take FLO consistently to manage your PMS symptoms on an ongoing basis, or combine several to give your wellness routine a little more oomph. Even better, when you select the Subscribe & Save option, you can get relief from PMS symptoms with big savings, and try a one-time purchase of a vitamin of your choosing.

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