Pimple Patches

Skin SOS? These colorful patches are designed to help cover & flatten pimples.

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Pimples suck. These patches make them suck less. Formulated with research-backed hydrocolloid that helps:

  • Absorb excess oil*
  • Extract pore impurities*
  • Protect spots from outside bacteria*

Here's how to stick it:


Clean the target area and apply
the patch to dry skin.


Set it & forget it - let the patch sit for 6+ hours.


Remove and repeat as needed.

Hydrocolloid, with skin-conditioning Salicylic Acid + Tea Tree Oil

Hydrocolloid bandages provide a clean, moist environment to help pimples heal. Besides being a protective layer, hydrocolloid also helps flatten pimples by absorbing excess oil and impurities from pores. Hydrocolloid works its magic on many skin types! Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil also help the pimple healing process and condition the skin.

Asked Questions

What does the Pimple Patch do?
These colorful patches are formulated with hydrocolloid to help absorb pus and oil from the pimple, as well as provide a clean, moist environment for it to heal. The patches are also infused with salicylic acid and tea tree oil to help soothe the area and help the healing process.
What kind of pimple should I use the Pimple Patch for?
The Pimple Patch works best on pimples with a visible head that have fluid near the surface.
Will this treat my acne?
The Pimple Patches help the healing process by absorbing excess oil, extracting impurities, and protecting pimples from outside bacteria, making it a great topical solution for pimples that have already formed. To target hormonal acne from within, try FLO Vitamins, which have ingredients traditionally used to help support hormonal balance! Learn more about FLO’s plant-based proactive approach to hormonal acne here!
How long should I keep the Pimple Patch on?
You can leave the pimple patch on for 6 - 8 hours.
How often should I use the Pimple Patch?
Apply the Pimple Patch as needed!
How long does it take for the Pimple Patches to work?
This will vary depending on the zit, most see results after using the Pimple patch overnight!
Does it contain latex/adhesives?
No way—our Pimple Patch is latex free!
My skin is sensitive, is it safe for me?
The Pimple Patch was designed to work on all skin types, even sensitive skin. As always, feel free to talk to your dermatologist to make sure your skin stays happy.
What’s the shelf life?
The Pimple Patch is good for 3 years.
Is my credit card information secure?
Yes, all credit cards are secured by Shopify, Paypal, or Amazon.
Where do you ship?
Currently only shipping within the USA, but we’re going global soon. Hang tight!
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is free for subscriptions! For all other orders, shipping charges vary per location. You’ll see your individual shipping costs calculated at checkout.
How do I track my package?
Need to know where your flo is on its journey to you? Tracking information should have been sent via email upon placing your order. If not, shoot us an email at hello@opositiv.com.
I didn’t receive a shipping or order confirmation, help!
Email us at hello@opositiv.com. We'll figure it out for ya!
Can I put on makeup while using a Pimple Patch?
Is it biodegradable?
Is it safe for kids?
Yes, but feel free to check with your pediatrician if you have any doubts.
Pregnant and nursing safe?
Yes, but we always support you checking in with your physician to calm any nerves.
Where is it made?
The Pimple Patch was designed in the USA and is made in China.