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What Is The Best Diet For PCOS?

Discover the delicious foods that can completely transform your PCOS symptoms.

pomegranates & citrus fruits are good to add to your diet if you have PCOS.

Let’s be frank— it’s no easy feat dealing with the persistent, debilitating, and at times embarrassing symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome, also known as PCOS. A hormonal condition causing ovarian cysts, it affects approximately 1 in 10 people in their reproductive stages. From unwanted hair growth, to an unpredictable menstrual cycle, to a fluctuating libido, having an endocrine disorder can really take a lot of the sexy out of life. Trying to manage stubborn weight gain can also be a blow to one's self esteem, which prompts the age-old question: how do I get rid of PCOS belly and help alleviate these super disruptive symptoms?

While feeling defeated is absolutely valid, there’s no need to wave the white flag! Even while dealing with an endocrine disorder, it’s very possible to live a vibrant, fit, and bloat-free life. From magnesium supplements to the dash diet for PCOS, the internet’s limitless advice can get confusing, but when it comes to managing symptoms sustainably, it requires reupholstering three pillars of your lifestyle: stress management, exercise, and of course, food. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to curate the best diet for PCOS weight loss, so here are some staples to consider incorporating into your PCOS meal plan:

Low-Glycemic Fruits 

Insulin resistance is a known issue in the community, affecting 50% to 75% of people with PCOS. While certain fruits can spike up your sugar, there are some options that can actually soothe your hormones with countless benefits, including fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Green apples always rank number one on the list of fruits good for PCOS, an easy, on-the-go snack that helps you feel full, digest more easily, and slow down the absorption of its sugars into the bloodstream. Other fruits among the best low-glycemic choices for those looking to incorporate fruits into their diet while needing to account for insulin resistance are:

  • Avocados
  • Berries
  • Kiwis
  • Plums
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Pomegranate


It’s recommended that those with PCOS aim for at least 25 grams of fiber daily, with oatmeal being one of the best high fiber foods for PCOS. Not only will it save you precious time in the morning deciding what to do for breakfast, but it’s also delicious and will keep you feeling full, curbing any unnecessary snacking and consequential bloating! 

Bonus: Looking to garnish your bowl of oats? Cinnamon is one of the most coveted superfoods for PCOS! Increasing your sensitivity to insulin, a consistent amount of cinnamon in one's diet can aid in regulating your menstrual cycle.

Nuts and Seeds

From walnuts rich in healthy fats to pumpkin seeds that help balance out excess estrogen, raw nuts and seeds are an excellent way to get in some filling and satisfying protein. High in fiber, research shows that the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in nuts improve insulin, androgens, and cholesterol levels in those with PCOS. And when it comes to hormone balancing superfoods, a tablespoon of ground flaxseed into your yogurt, oatmeal, or smoothie is a great way to get some plant-sourced omega-3s. 

Lean Protein 

Getting an adequate amount of protein is imperative for a nutritious PCOS meal plan, and while foods like red and processed meat may actually make symptoms worse, sources of lean animal protein like salmon, cod, or skinless chicken and turkey can aid in maintaining a healthy weight and keeping you full longer. 

Looking for a quick way to incorporate protein while still maintaining its deliciousness? Try out this simple and delicious PCOS-friendly, one-pan salmon recipe

Dark Chocolate

We deserve to celebrate too, don’t we?!  Not only is dark chocolate the medicine to mend a mood swing, but it also contains powerful antioxidants, satisfying that sugar craving without throwing your hormones completely out of whack. While desserts and other sugary foods aren’t great for PCOS, dark chocolate that’s 70% cocoa or more contains compounds that help fight free radicals which damage cells and tissues. And if you’re looking for a dynamic sweet treat, dark chocolate covered almonds are pretty heaven sent.


Is there anything more soothing than a hot cup of tea to start or end your day? Green tea detoxifies the liver, an organ essential to hormonal health, and raspberry leaf tea is deliciously sweet while helping to strengthen the uterus. And because many women with PCOS tend to have elevated testosterone levels, spearmint tea is also a go-to, known to help lower testosterone levels and thus help with hormonal acne. It’s also a great compliment to a late dinner, aiding in digestion.

Gluten Alternatives 

Somewhere in the distance, Oprah shudders. We get it— whose heart WOULDN’T sink at the thought of living a bread-free life? However, there are so many gluten free alternatives that will make you totally forget you aren’t eating the real thing. Though there’s a heavy overlap, not every person with PCOS is consequently gluten intolerant, but hormone disruptors like refined flour and white bread may worsen inflammation and are high on the PCOS food list to avoid. Options like cauliflower crust pizza, tapioca-based baguettes, and brown rice pasta are equally delicious and satisfyingly nutritious. 

Ovarian Health Supplements

It's often a good idea to pair your food & beverage intake with safe & natural supplements. When it comes to ovarian health support, look for ingredients like inositols (specifically Myo-Inositol & D-Chiro-Inositol), DIM (Diindolylmethane), and folic acid or folate. 



It’s important to not only have hope in the fullest potential of your health, but to be empowered in knowing that taking back control can gift you freedom. While there are many other healthy foods that can aid in helping you feel like your best self, following this PCOS diet and regularly incorporating these foods will aid in feeling strong, energetic, and vibrant!

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