Feel Lighter
Gummy Bundle

Support healthy weight management with a daily dose of FLO + GOGO*

2 bottles of FLO PMS Gummies + 2 bottles of GOGO Prebiotic Fiber Gummies for healthy weight management.

FLO’s strawberry gummies naturally balance hormones to help relieve bloating and hormonal weight gain while GOGO’s orange sorbet gummies support healthy weight management by keeping you fuller, longer.*


Traditionally used to alleviate:Period Breakouts, Mood Swings

A small-yet-mighty berry that’s been shown to decrease symptoms of PMS in up to 93% of women.*

Dong Quai

Traditionally used to alleviate:Cramps, Bloating

Dong Quai is an antispasmodic (which is a fancy way of saying it relieves cramps) balances estrogen levels and eases anxiety.*

Vitamin B6

Traditionally used to alleviate:Mood Swings, Cravings

Vitamin B6 has been shown to reduce PMS mood swings and cravings*

Lemon Balm

Traditionally used to alleviate:Cramps, Digestion, Stress

Studies show that Lemon Balm is effective at reducing the intensity of cramps and boosting mood.*

Fiber Derived from Chicory Root

A member of the dandelion family, chicory root has been used for nutritional and medical purposes for thousands of years. Chicory root derived fiber, inulin, travels through the small intenstine and stimulates the growth of healthy gut bacteria to support regularity. It also helps regulate apetite and support healthy weight management by keeping you fuller, longer.*

  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten free
  • Non GMO
  • Cruelty free