Prebiotic Fiber

Prebiotic fiber for healthier digestion.
Your #1 support for going #2.

Ingredients used to support:

  • Weight
  • Healthy
  • Good gut
  • Bowel

GOGO’s orange sorbet gummies are formulated with premium, plant-based ingredients to help keep you regular and support digestive health. A daily dose is packed with more fiber than 3 cups of spinach (and tastes a LOT better, if we do say so ourselves).*

Here's how to get going:


Enjoy a serving of 2 gummies a day and follow with a full glass of water


For weight management or if you aren't seeing digestion results, gradually increase to up to 4 gummies a day


We recommend taking GOGO for up to 2 weeks to start seeing results.

Fiber Derived from Chicory Root

A member of the dandelion family, chicory root has been used for nutritional and medical purposes for thousands of years. Chicory root derived fiber, inulin, travels through the small intestine and stimulates the growth of healthy gut bacteria to support regularity. It also helps regulate appetite and support healthy weight management by keeping you fuller, longer.*